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马子雅 (Ziya Ma)

马子雅 (Ziya Ma)
Vice President, Big Data Technologies, Intel

Ziya Ma is the general manager of the global Big Data Technologies organization in Intel’s Software and Services Group (SSG) in the System Technologies and Optimization (STO) Division. Her organization focuses on optimizing big data on Intel’s platform, leading open source efforts in the Apache community, and linking innovation in industry analytics to bring about the best and the most complete big data experiences. She works closely with Intel product teams, open source communities, partners from the industry, and academia to advise on implementing and optimizing the Intel platform for Hadoop or Spark ecosystems. Previously, Ziya held various management positions in Intel’s Technology Manufacturing Group (TMG), where she was responsible for delivering embedded software for factory equipment, databases for manufacturing execution and process control, UI software, and more, and was product development software director of Intel IT, where she delivered software lifecycle management tools and infrastructure and analytics solutions to Intel software teams worldwide. She also worked at Motorola earlier in her career. Ziya holds a PhD and MS in computer science and engineering from Arizona State.


09:35–09:45 Friday, 2017-07-14
赞助商赞助 主题演讲 (Sponsored Keynote)
地点: 紫金大厅A(Grand Hall A)
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(2.00, 1 次得分)
本主题将突出英特尔多方面的努力:大数据技术借助民主化进程,通过广泛的产品组合而整合生态系统;通过新的高度优化的AI解决方案的贡献,推进创新;并释放智慧以解决世界上最大的挑战,同时提供给客户最大的商业价值。 了解更多信息.



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